How to Install Notepad++ on Ubuntu: A Step-by-Step Guide for a Seamless Experience

If you are a Ubuntu user and looking for a reliable text editor, then Notepad++ could be the ideal choice for you. It is an open-source, free, and powerful text editor that allows users to edit multiple files simultaneously. However, installing Notepad++ on Ubuntu can be a bit tricky for those who are not familiar with the Linux operating system. In this guide, we will provide you with a step-by-step process for installing Notepad++ on Ubuntu, so you can enjoy a seamless editing experience.

Notepad++ is a popular text editor among developers due to its versatility and features. While it is primarily compatible with Windows, the good news is that you can install Notepad++ on Ubuntu as well. In this article, we will guide you through the process of installing Notepad++ on Ubuntu, providing you with a seamless experience.

Step 1: Install Wine

Wine is a compatibility layer that allows you to run Windows applications on Linux systems like Ubuntu. To install Wine on your Ubuntu system, open the terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T, which will launch the command prompt, and then execute the following command:

sudo apt-get install wine

When prompted, enter your password and press Enter. This will install Wine on your system.

Step 2: Download the Notepad++ installation package

After installing Wine, you need to download the Notepad++ installation package. You can download the latest version of Notepad++ from the official website at Select the “Installer” version for Windows x86 or x64, depending on your system architecture.

Step 3: Install Notepad++

Once you have downloaded the Notepad++ installer, navigate to the directory where the installer is saved in the terminal using the “cd” command, for example:

cd ~/Downloads/

Then, run the following command to install Notepad++:

wine npp.x.x.Installer.exe

Replace “x.x” with the version number that you have downloaded. This will launch the Notepad++ installer, and you can proceed with the installation as you would on Windows.

Note: During the installation process, if you get any errors or are asked to install additional packages or dependencies, follow the instructions provided by the installer.

Step 4: Launch Notepad++

Once the installation is complete, you can launch Notepad++ from the terminal by running the following command:

wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Notepad++/notepad++.exe

Alternatively, you can create a shortcut on your desktop or launcher so that you can easily launch Notepad++ in the future.


Installing Notepad++ on Ubuntu may require some additional steps, but the process is straightforward and easy to follow. With the help of Wine, you can enjoy the same seamless experience as on Windows. We hope this step-by-step guide has been helpful in getting you started with Notepad++ on Ubuntu.

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